There are some parents habits impress trivial, but turned out to have an impact is not good for children’s health. What’s it? This is it!

Giving solid food too soon.

The habit of giving solid food too early for infants aged under six months is a long-standing habit and scattered everywhere.

Often this is in fact already handed down from generation to generation. There’s a big baby so quickly reasoned or let quickly full.

In fact, the baby does not yet have a channel capable of indigestion digesting solid food before four months of age.

A rare occurrence, a baby experiencing diarrhea or constipation after given solid food too early. In extreme cases, even the baby’s been experiencing bowel blockage and should be operated on as a result.

Also, the granting of a solid food too early too risky causing children are obese in later life.
bribing food by force when children would not eat.

Not a new story if there are parents who sometimes “bribing” a difficult child to eat. Usually, because the child does not want to eat or eat for too long.

Bribing here, the intent is to force the child eat/drink provided by his parents. There is also the bribing of the child by providing the required herbs will make children love to eat.

Sometimes when the children rebelled, even to her in a hold so that the food also can be put into the mouth of a child.

Indeed, these actions are very dangerous for health. The giving of food or drink in the forced, or when children are crying and rebel, has a risk of aspiration (influx) food/drinks into the airway or choke. Both of these can be fatal for children, especially when still a baby.
Chew food before inflatable and given to the child.

There are some parents who have habit give food before it has been paid to her baby. The goal, to make it easier to be swallowed by an infant or child.

The food will be given this put into the mouth of a parent, chewed until pulverized, then expelled from the mouth and given to the baby/child.

From the side of cleanliness, this cannot be justified. However the oral cavity someone contains a variety of germs, which when given to infants thus can spread the disease.

Also, there is also that when will bribing food on a child, food inflatable. Well, don’t get me wrong, with the inflatable, a variety of germs that are in the oral cavity can also cast into the food.
Make for with warm water from the dispenser.

Often parents dissolving formula using hot water from the faucet. Assuming, the hot water is enough to dissolve milk evenly, then don’t have to boil.

In fact, make the correct for is to provide hot water to a boil, then let sit a while approximately 15 — 20 minutes until the temperature goes down, but still above the 700C. After that, enter the hot water into a bottle of milk, and then enter the appropriate measure for powder and stir/whisk gently until evenly distributed.

Why the water from the dispenser becomes a problem? The resulting hot water from the machine often did not reach temperatures above 700C.

Indeed, it is not sterile for powder. When dissolved in water temperature under 700C, then there is still the possibility of germs in powder for which does not die. global online
Give honey in infants under one year.

Honey is indeed known to have numerous benefits for health. Therefore, often there are parents who give the honey on her baby with the intention of enabling the most healthy.

However, the actual granting of honey for infants aged under one year is not recommended. This is because it has the risk of entry of spores of Clostridium botulinum germ and nerve disorders may result.

at the age of under one year, rudimentary Digest channels so as not to be able to “withstand” the impact of these spores.
Sick of the flu but still kissing.

Tired of the flu can strike anyone. The thing is, when Mama or Papa affected, sometimes can be a source of transmission in infants/children. For most adults, pain mild flu — like symptoms of cough colds — often do not provide the impact means for daily activities.

On the other hand, parents certainly would always love kissing, and adjacent the Cubs are cute and adorable. In fact, this is a risky parents habits included in children.

Well, when this medium child habits are not limited by the flu while it is not seldom thus causing the child contracted the disease. Don’t forget, transmission of flu is through a splash of saliva/sneeze that inhaled by others.

One way to solve it is not difficult, during the child’s pain, always use a mask to cover the mouth and nose, so as not to be a source of contagion for the little one.

Parents cradling smokers and kiss the little one.

Not the least papa who smoke. The problem, often the father comes home after work and still smell the cigarette when arriving back soon want to smell the fruit.

As a result, the air breaths issued still contain substances from cigarette smoke.

Despite not smoking in front of children, its effects remain. If the smell still burning from the breath or clothing, is enough to make a baby/child experience a hypersensitive reaction to the smell.

As a result, often obtained case child often coughs when adjacent to the father smokers.

Lazy hand-washing before preparing and providing meals.

Preparing food for the children is indeed sometimes troublesome. Often the mama forgets or lazy to wash your hands clean before eating delivers on his son.

When the hands are not clean Mamayang join holds food or the food court, there are germs on the hands can also be moved into the body of a child and making him sick.

Eating patterns will be damaged if the broken sleep patterns. That’s the message from a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania.

In the research, the scientists also found the key nutrients that play a role in regulating sleep, so aim to have a healthy eating pattern can be more easily achieved, in conjunction with You also get more quality sleep. Nutrition-nutrition, this is the key to it.

Like open
Like open is found in Mandarin, tomatoes, papaya and watermelon.

Can be accessed in fish such as halibut, cod, and tuna, as well as shellfish, Turkey, and beans.

Vitamin C
The top sources of vitamin C include papaya, strawberries, pineapple, sour fruits, peppers, broccoli, and kale.

According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating carbohydrates that are easy to digest (such as cereals, rice, potatoes or white bread) four hours before bedtime will cause the people fall asleep faster.

The busy schedule that continues until the moment leading up to bedtime, it can mess up Your sleep patterns.

Take a moment to compose yourself, is another way to get to sleep faster and sleep.

Collaboration and cooperation with celebrities, fashion house, as well as athletes, it’s not a new thing to label sports shoes like Nike lifestyle at the same time.

However, what happens when Nike “mated” with the most popular coffee drinks, Starbucks.

Weird? That’s what first comes to mind the Nike lovers. Because what is the relationship between coffee and sneakers? The collaboration that never thought of.

However, even though it sounds unusual, but it’s reality. Nike has released a collection of the latest joint venture with Starbucks.

Automatic, green color typical Starbucks became the main spotlight on a shoe collection.

Many writers model predicts that fusion has a background of solidarity “hometown.” For, Nike and Starbucks, are both derived from the Pacific Northwest. Starbucks comes from Seattle. Meanwhile, the forerunner to Nike happened in Portland.

This collection features and durability were similar to alert other Nike. In fact, there is no special style of architecture, in addition to game colors green, black, and white. Blend the colors that make you instantly reminded of the aroma of Starbucks coffee. indosiar online

Uniquely, the Nike shoe this collaboration does not produce in large quantities. You will be very lucky to have it. Many lovers of Nike admitted trouble finding this special collection.

Reportedly, Nike sale Nike shoes Starbucks with a price of 100 us dollars or approximately Rp 1.4 million.

Popularity trends athleisure has indeed felt as early as 2013. However, just lately its existence was acknowledged in engage mode.

Just look at the 2003 spring and summer fashion 2016, fashion designer (fashion designer) like Rag and Bone, Vetements and Chloe, lifting the trends that come from the way an their source of inspiration.

Then, Forbes magazine calls this trend as a major player in the fashion industry and recommends that investors start to glance at this market.

In fact, in a year, consumer United States spend at least 2 billion u.s. Dollars or more than 27 trillion to wear athletic products in situations of non-athletic.

EASON s. Wakura, an observer of fashion and Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine Indonesia, was one of those who follow the trends with intensive athleisure.

He said that this trend began a massive boom in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

For the moment, Eason calls Stella McCartney as a leader in identifying and raising trend athleisure.

Because McCartney has successfully collaborated with Adidas.

However, he admitted that compared the designers adopted athleisure, this trend of the market is still dominated by the sports brands one is Adidas.

Then, how to apply it in everyday life?

EASON recommends that you start from the shoes because that is the most easily visible are the sports shoes such as sneakers.

These types of shoes are indeed to be found anywhere. However, for those of you who are too lazy to go out of the House but still want to try trend athleisure, there is an easier way with online shopping.

Zalora has just announced that starting from May 20, 2016. Adidas will be available on their site for consumers all over Indonesia.

They provide several lines from this famous sports brands such as Performance, Originals, and Neo.

Georges Youssef, General Manager of Adidas Indonesia, commented, “with this partnership, the official ADIDAS world of sports as the brand hopes to reach more consumers in Indonesia and provide product range markedly and surely meets the desires of loyal customers, ZALORA.”

The House is located at 2022 24th Ave e. in Montlake, Seattle, the United States has a secret surprise. This triangular building width 1.4 meters at the southern end and 4.6 meters on the other end.

Seen from the front, this House looks like the construction in General. However, if viewed from the side, the House is, in fact, immaculate.

Built in 1925, the House was sold 519.000 us dollars worth ($ 6.8 billion) that was a favorite for the locals. They named it ‘ the Montlake Spite House. ‘
Spite House
The rumors grew, the landowner is approached by its neighbors who want to buy 287 square meters of land to expand his garden.

But, when they offer the least amount of money with the landowner, decided to build a House on the land with the intention of mocking.

Regardless of the rumors that are this bad, the House looks pretty precisely because it was designed intelligently.

Even with minimal space used to work, the architect managed to fit two full-size bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms and a sleek kitchen area. This home also features front and rear, as well as driveways. sctv online

As the popularity of steepened, home prices continued to skyrocket. If in 1996 sold totaling 140,550 us dollars (USD 1.8 billion) next year, surged 235,500 dollars ($ 3.1 billion).

Now this House price figures perched on 375,000 dollars (R4,9 billion).

The former owner, Peter O’Neil said, he moved into the House with his wife in 1990 to start a family.

Designer Joe Katan and team developers collaborate on creating Balluga, interactive and intelligent bed which is claimed to be able to build ideal sleeping conditions.

The bed has its application is entirely controlled and can monitor the statistics body all night.

Users can also control the bed density, depending on personal preference.

The bed also features independent temperature control also depends on personal preference. Thus, the user can make this bed warm or cold.

Another feature is the vibration and pressure of massage at some point. Also, this bed has an automatic light underneath that instantly turned on when the user wakes up.

The lights will also die when the user sleep. When turned on, this lamp makes it easy for users not to stumble over something if have to be woken up at midnight.

Lastly, the bed gives a solution for users who frequent snoring. With air suspension systems and sensors that detect when a user was soon sleeping, this bed will automatically turn your head and neck to stop the snoring.

Any parent wishing to have a child naturally intelligent and healthy. To make it happen there are many aspects that must be the prepared parent, even before the child is born into the world.

First of all, I need to know how each part of a child’s brain is formed and how it works. According to Dr. Ahmad Suryawan, SP. A (K), the formation of the brain started in the womb, that second week of pregnancy and continued into adulthood.

That is why, the condition of the expectant mother and father must be healthy before the candidate prepares for pregnancy because the brain is already beginning to take shape even before a mom realizes her pregnant.

Brain development is going very fast and reached its peak in gestational age five months. At the age of 9 months, the infant’s brain is ready to be born. When the new-born, the weight of the brain of only around 400 grams and is not yet fully developed.

“At the age of two years, about 80 percent of a child’s brain has been developing. Therefore, a normal kid at the age of two years surely will normal development until adulthood, “said a doctor who is familiar this Wawan show greeted the launch of the” movement “of a Nation Ready Cerdaskan Kalbe Nutritional in Jakarta some time ago.

Brain connection

The brain is composed of trillions of brain cells called neurons. At the time of newborn neurons, yet connected one another into a series circuit. The connection is called a synapse. rcti online

The more often children gets stimulation, then Synapse formed the more wealthy, powerful, and will become a permanent connection in the future.

As much as anything capable of Synapse formed by children? The answer lies in the genetic factors and parenting. Stimulation in infants can be a smile, greeting, song, touch, and so on, will help children formed Synapse.

“At the age of two years and the number of sinapinic the same, this means each child had the same opportunity to grow smarter,” doctor imbued from Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University Surabaya.

The more the Synapse is formed, the more information that can be processed via a connection between brain cells.

To support the electrical brain in processing information, necessary fat. Fats that can be obtained from omega 3 and omega 6. For example, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which serves to optimize the growth of brain cells.

Baby and toddler also require vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D, iodine, iron, zinc, amino acids, etc. Support the growth of the brain is a small part of the function of nutrition for children, there is a row of other benefits to be had if the child gets a good nutrient intake.

A pretty child its nutrition value will also have strong body endurance. According to Dr. Andang Endaryanto, SP. A (K), the son of the good does not mean immune rarely ill, but if the sick heal faster and not be complications.

“The body’s natural defense system and the body’s defense system is obtained from the results of adaptation,” said Dr. Andang.

One of the immune disorder in children that many suffered was allergic. Breast feeding, according to him, does not guarantee the child allergy-free but may reduce the risk.

“BREAST MILK can boost the body’s immune system regulation. If any allergies will not be severe, “he said.


Genetic factors are the “blueprint” of a child’s brain to develop in the future, but the process of building its brain circuits are determined by factors of caregiving.

Described by Dr. Rose Mini, m. Psi, or familiar accosted Mother Romi, parenting is a specific style of parenting that is consistently used by parents to their children.

This includes nurturing the process of caring for, such as feeding and sheltering the socialization, one of the form teaches a common behavior rules in society, as well as communication. Things are communicated affectionate, values, interests, and behavior.

Mother Romi says parenting plays a major role in the ability of social, emotional, intellectual, and the little one. “No one is successful because of the high-value skills, but because of interpersonal skill factor,” he said.

Interpersonal skill demanding someone have good emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to know the feeling of self or others, and may use that information to direct thoughts and actions.

One of the ways children develops emotional intelligence among others by teaching children to recognize the expression as well as telling her feelings, to listen to the child, as well as giving an example of the application of the attitude of empathy, as well as motivate children when encountering difficulties.

If the child is given a sense of security, were shunned from the censure and ridicule, daring expression and explore freely, it will grow with full confidence and grown into herself.

Cancer is indeed a disease that hasn’t been treatable until it has been completed. However, there are many things we can do to prevent cancer. In addition to having a healthy diet, physically active should also be a part of our lifestyle.

A study shows, they are avidly doing physical activity has decreased the risk of developing 13 types of cancer. Researchers analyzed data from 1.4 million people in the United States and Europe that followed for 11 years.

In the course of the research, more than 186,000 research participants affected by cancer. Research participants were asked by researchers about the physical activity that is performed. As a result, they are doing more exercise, have a decreased risk of 13 types of cancer than those who never or very rarely exercise.

The following 13 types of cancer who experienced a decreased risk if doing sports.

1. Cancer of the esophagus: 42 percent lower risk of

2. Liver Cancer: risk 27 percent lower

3. Lung Cancer: risk of 26 percent lower

4. Kidney Cancer: risk 23 percent lower

5. Cancer of stomach Cardia (upper abdomen): 22 percent lower risk

6. Endometrial Cancer: risk 21 percent lower

7. the Myeloid leukemia: a 20 percent lower risk of

8. Myeloma: a 17 percent lower risk

9. Colon Cancer: risk of 4 percent lower

10. Head and neck cancer: a 15 percent lower risk

11. cancer of rectum: a 13 percent lower risk of

12. the risk of bladder cancer: 13 percent lower

13. Breast Cancer: a 10 percent lower risk

However, the high physical activity was also associated with a risk of melanoma skin cancer 27 per cent higher if often affected by exposure to sunlight. Researcher pun alert so that people who exercise in the open air do not forget to protect the skin from sun exposure.

According to researchers in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, these findings can better encourage more physical activity as a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer. Sports that can be done include running, swimming, and cycling.

Meanwhile, according to Marilie Gammon of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, if society was routinely doing physical activity, can reduce the burden of cancer. Unfortunately, this research is not in detail shows how much physical activity you need to do to lower the risk of cancer. For that, it needs more research.

In the article, this time, we would pass on some of the ways to deal with the bodies naturally in a very short time. It is undeniable that the modern lifestyle has now made a lot of people are familiar with the pattern of life is not good. And one of the consequences is an increase in body weight that the longer, the more excess. Thus, many people in droves were looking for ways on how to lower their weight in a short time and in a healthy way. But often also people using the short way with weight-lowering medications. Though perhaps the result can be enjoyed, certainly less good if you must consume the chemical drugs in great numbers. Well, therefore, right if you study and know how to lose weight naturally within one week. Read more reviews here. biodata sandra dewi

Cara Menguruskan Badan Secara Alami dengan Cepat

How to deal with the Body Naturally fast? This Explanation
The ideal body is yearning for everyone, good women or men are always trying to get the body shape and weight. Because excess body weight can cause the body to become obese can lead to many problems recently. Some of them are the problem less confident against appearance, and also the complications of the disease can occur. Therefore, if you feel that you feel have started experiencing weight buildup, immediately do a variety of ways to drop him. But of course in ways that are safe and natural. So, here are some ways to deal with the Agency is natural that you can try at home.

Familiarize The Sport On A Regular Basis
For those of you who currently have the body too fat or obese, perhaps this condition is the result of less this time because you’re exercising. The sport itself is one of the activity or activities that are quite effective for burning calories in the body. Thus, if never work out, of course, calories will progressively accumulate. Well, by doing sports regularly each week, little by little calorie will be reduced and will lower your weight. So it’s no wonder if the sport is always recommended by experts as one way the Agency naturally which is quite effective. Exercise for at least 15-30 minutes in a day and at least four times a week so that you get maximum results.

Reduce the consumption of fried foods
In Indonesia, the vast majority of the people may be very fond of food fried foods. It is undeniable that many types of food are cook with the hot oil into one of the categories of food delights consumed at any time. But it turns out that the consumption of too many fried foods can also result in excess flab that will make your body is getting fat. It’s not just fat, but will also increase cholesterol. Even if taken continuously, there will be a lot of diseases that will be landed and undermining your health. Therefore, if you want to do how to lose weight naturally within one week, make sure that you do not one week for eating fried or greasy foods.

Also, to want to lose weight, it turns out that society also many looking for quick ways to increase your weight. Nearly all the mass media, the public is even more traditional knowledge book skew the focus and discuss how to lose weight. But it turns out that many people who are very thin and trying to increase her weight.

Cara Cepat Menaikan Berat Badan Menjadi Lebih Ideal

Has the skinny body and small may is the dream of many people, but those who experienced it know how it feels less confident with the display itself. In addition to the troubling facet of cosmetics, turns out to have a body that is too skinny, too make a person become more at risk of having a wide range of diseases such as osteoporosis. This is a list of how to quickly raise the weight that can be useful for those of you who want to embellish and strong your body.

Tips increase your weight (How short and practical)
By doing the above ways with consistent, hopefully, you can reach the ideal weight quickly. Combine your way over with short tips below so that the program upper your weight the more successful:

Do not drink water before eating
Eating more often
Eat a light snack before bedtime
Use a larger plate while eating
Preferred drinking milk when thirsty
Add the cream in your coffee or coffee with primer please choose
Enough sleep
Achieve your ideal weight is not just merely a dream of people with excess body weight, but also people with less weight. Increase your calorie intake and make up the time the muscle is at the core of how to quickly increase your weight. Always consume foods with a high protein content, avoid vegetables and eat at least three times a day. Don’t also forget sports the weights is the essential thing of how to quickly increase your weight. Keep in mind that consistency is the key of the second core how to quickly increase your weight.